Writer, Editor, Artist

Comics & Illustration

My lifelong love of alternative comics and illustration informs my understanding of how text and images work together to tell a story, and struggling with those narrative puzzles on paper is my passion. The stories I tell in my personal creative work are largely my own, although literary and musical greats often find their way onto the page. I love to depict brief moments that tell larger stories and introduce expansive ideas. Emotional intimacy, vulnerability, mental health, gentrification, and gender politics are major themes.

I've exhibited work at The Galallery in San Francisco, Studio 23 Gallery in Alameda, Black Spring Coffee in Oakland, and at the Classic Cars West Gallery in Oakland. I've been a featured artist at live drawing events with Oakland Art Murmur and The Paint Pens Collective.

My work has been featured in independent publications, notably Regina Schilling's Hey Lady zine (recently blurbed in Bust Magazine) and Beth Davis' Cry Zine, which was included in New York Magazine/The Cut's roundup, "The Best Art Books, Zines, and Music Right Now."

I've published collections of my comics and illustrations, which I've sold at SF Zine Fest, East Bay Alternative Book and Zine Fest, Portland Zine Symposium, and L.A. Zine Fest.

My current project is 100 Diary Comics, a series of personal/autobiographical comics and cartoons inspired by The 100 Day Project. Series exhibition and publication details to come!

I regularly share work on Instagram (@ritalately) and Tumblr.