Writer, Editor, Artist


Curious.com publishes online video lessons and courses on a wide range of subjects—everything from DIY carpentry and foreign language to graphic design and coding. This Menlo Park-based startup wanted to nurture a dedicated community of teachers and students while presenting a curated collection of quality user-generated content. To that end, the editorial and production departments collaborated with teachers to produce structured, engaging lessons and courses.

As a copywriter and content reviewer, I wrote descriptive copy and user experience copy for lessons and courses, using a fun, accessible voice to reinforce the brand's bite-size approach to learning. Creating keyword-rich course descriptions and lesson content was a central part of the company’s strategy to improve site navigability during a period of rapid growth. I also worked closely with video editors to make structural edits and maintain production quality.

Writing and editing for a startup is unique in that publishing processes are constantly evolving. Joining the company early on in its mission gave me a chance to shape digital content strategy and make a lasting contribution: an in-house style guide. Developing an in-house style guide and training new writers on its finer points created consistency—the hallmark of high editorial standards.

I oversaw the publication of thousands of online lessons and hundreds of courses. Here are a few of my favorites:

Figure Drawing for Comics
DIY Maxi Dress

Acrylic Landscape Painting