Writer, Editor, Artist

Streetwise Reports

Streetwise Reports is an online magazine for investors in the energy, biotech, and metals sectors. I joined the company on the cusp of a major period of growth, when reader demand and sponsorship were soaring in lockstep. I began as an Editorial Assistant, working in the trenches of content management and finessing production workflow, and was twice promoted to Associate Editor and finally Senior Editor.

Working with a small in-house team and adhering to a strict daily production schedule, I developed and edited thousands of interviews with industry experts: financial analysts, fund managers, scientists, and authors who had expertise in these specialized fields. My goal was to make complicated subject matter clear, accurate, and reader friendly, all the while maintaining a balance between conversational tone and AP style guidelines. I also wrote quarterly articles summarizing investment trends.

Cultivating a dedicated audience was key to the publication's success. As senior editor, I used analytics and A/B email testing to fine-tune content strategy across a wide range of social media platforms.

Below are a few of my favorite Streetwise Reports interviews. Each of these samples were sourced from dense, lengthy interviews, and edited for an audience of both industry insiders and novice investors.

A Global Perspective on US Energy Independence

Understanding the Industrial Minerals Sector

How to Pick Renewable Energy Stocks in Changing Markets