Writer, Editor, Artist

The Onion

If you've lived in the Bay Area for a while, you may remember that The Onion, from 2005-2009, produced a free printed San Francisco-edition weekly with a circulation of 60,000. The satirical articles we know and love came out of Chicago, but our office covered arts and entertainment in San Francisco, Oakland, and Berkeley—it was a local version of The Onion A.V. Club. I interned in the San Francisco office, working under the mentorship of City Editor Marc Hawthorne. Every week I compiled the weekly music and arts event calendar, which gained kudos for its off-the-beaten-path coverage. I contributed feature-length arts and culture reviews as well as 200-word blurbs on local restaurants and businesses. The San Francisco print edition folded in 2009 due to limited ad revenue, but it was a very good thing while it lasted. I miss it, both as a writer and a reader.